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          company information公司简介

            Yangzhou run Qi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a design, development, production, assembly, installation, service integration of road lighting enterprises.
             After years of hard work, the enterprise has been developing and growing continuously. It has entered the ranks of modern lighting enterprise production enterprises. It has been awarded the heavy contract and credit unit by the industrial and commercial departments, the credit grade of AAA level enterprises and the recommended brand ...more

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          linkman:Mr. Zhang
          Address:Guo Ji industrial concentrated area in Gaoyou, Yangzhou



          How to maintain the street light?

          First, street lighting conservation quality requirements 1, according to the number of road lighting facilities, arrange maintenance and repair plan, ensure Qingping and Shui Guan Expressway street li more

          Precautions for the installation of street lamps

          Notice of street lamp installation: Lamp height Height determines the field of view, so choosing the right height determines the lighting view of street lamps. 1. The installation height of lamps more

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          Working mode of solar street lamp controller

          The solar street lamp controller, whose full name is the solar charge and discharge controller, is to make the solar photovoltaic system operate safely and efficiently. It is an essential part of t



          The difference between lithium battery and battery (free maintenance gel battery)

          Lithium battery advantages: the service life can be longer than 5 years, energy saving and environmental protection do not discharge carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, small volume and light weight



          Three trends in the future development of China's lighting industry

          After more than 30 years of development of lighting industry, today's popular brands are still numbered. This is of course related to industry attributes of low industry attention, but more import



          High frequency non pole lamp high energy saving

          There is no filament or electrode in the high frequency electrodeless lamp. It consists of a hollow discharge bulb and a coupler. It is coupled to the lamp through the electromagnetic field of the
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